What’s the Short Deck Poker game? How to play the Short Deck Poker game (Part 1)

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Short Deck Poker generates a new wave in the poker world

It all started when this poker game continued to feature in several big live poker games in Asia recently and was “promoted” by prominent players like Phil Ivey, Tom Dwan… 

It seems like this card game will shortly be added to the big online poker platforms. To prepare, you’re definitely going to want to learn how to play Short Deck Poker right now. If you’re curious and want to read more about Short Deck Poker, this article is for you!

First of all, what’s Short Deck Poker? 

Short Deck Poker, also known as Six Plus Hold’em, is a Texas Hold’em poker game. It’s got the same rules of play as Hold’em. The key change is that the deck consists of just 36 cards instead of 52 cards in the regular Hold’em game. The deck is reduced (it can be called the Short Deck) with the reduction of all cards from 2 to 5. So, Short Deck Poker has just 6 to A cards. 

Where to play the Short Deck Poker game? 

Currently, you can only play it online on iPoker’s networking pages.

Short Deck Poker Rules 

That said, Short Deck Poker has the same rules of play as Texas Hold’em. Or maybe it’s the game Hold’em played with the incomplete deck. However a reduction in the number of cards affects the likelihood of the hand, leading to certain adjustments in the ranking of the cards. 

Here are two things to be remembered in the rules of Short Deck Poker: 

  1. Deck Cards 

Cards 2, 3, 4, 5 are eliminated from the deck, leaving a total of just 36 cards remaining. 

  1. Cards rankings

The meaning of a few hands varies in Short Deck Hold’em. The following: 

Flush is far higher than the Full Home. Reason: each suit has just 9 cards instead of 13 cards as normal in Hold’em, so the probability of making the same suit would be more challenging (because the number of outs has decreased). 

There are three of a kind higher than Straight. Reason: 4 cards are absent in each suit, resulting in less space between the remaining cards, making it easier to play a row (straight) than a triple.