[Play Online Poker] A complete guide to playing at PokerStars for new players (Part 2)

How to Join PokerStars Poker

pokerstars 300x132 - [Play Online Poker] A complete guide to playing at PokerStars for new players (Part 2)

The PokerStars app is really intuitive, so if you’re a new player and you really don’t know where to start, don’t worry

This segment will help you understand the structure of PokerStars, how to find and play in the right poker games.
Some notes for new PokerStars players
#1. Main account
You can create a single PokerStars account with official details (like on your ID or other identification). If the registration information is wrong, please contact Support to correct it. You completely don’t build another account. It is against the laws of PokerStars and could bring you unnecessary trouble.
#2. Additional protection
PokerStars accounts are critical, particularly when you play real money, and they are often targeted for hacking. Allow additional protection forms including Lock, SMS to keep your PokerStars account safe.
It’s easy, and it just takes a couple of minutes. In return, you will stop any regrets later on.
How to set your PIN:
Log in to PokerStars > Settings > Account details > PIN Stars
Click the Stars PIN request
After getting the PIN in the email, click on Allow Stars PIN and fill in the received PIN.
#3. Verification of accounts
Account verification/verification is a common method for playing poker online. PokerStars will ask you to authenticate your account once you can take the initiative.
Basically, you need 2 items to authenticate your PokerStars account:
Identification card (or visa, driver’s licence).
Living bill (electricity, phone, internet) or bank statement (available in English). This form must contain your name + address and must be released within 90 days of the date of substitution.
To upload papers, go to Settings & Resources > Help> Contact Support on the PokerStars App, then select:
Category: Account Security and Verification
Sub-Category: Upload Documents
#4. Contact for help
If you have any issues, please contact PokerStars, and you can email them as follows:
Sign in to your PokerStars App
Go Settings & Tools > Support > Contact Support
Choose the topic that needs support
In the Message section, please fill in the title and content of your question.
Press to send
Wait for PokerStars to respond to the email you registered to your account