[Play Online Poker] A complete guide to playing at PokerStars for new players (Part 1)

PokerStars is a name not to be overlooked if you’re looking for a spot to play poker online. This is the No. 1 online poker casino in terms of player traffic, software efficiency and support services. To help you get off to a smooth start, this article will lead you through executing the most simple tasks in the PokerStars app.

Create an account with PokerStars 

To play in poker at PokerStars, you need to register a new account here first. Follow the instructions below to build your PokerStars account easily and openly.

Deposit money from your PokerStars account 

You can play poker with your newly developed Stars account in the virtual money area (Play Money). However, if you want to play real money poker, you need to top up your Stars account according to the instructions below.

Transfer money from your PokerStars account 

PokerStars is considered to be agile in managing player withdrawals. There are however a few rules to keep in mind when making a withdrawal at PokerStars: 

Funds deposited or obtained by other players must be played before removal. That is whether you deposit or collect money from your buddies and then you don’t play something and you can’t withdraw automatically. This law is meant to tackle the crime of money laundering. 

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Withdrawals can only be made after at least 48 hours from the last deposit 

If you withdraw before PokerStars has a deposit deal for your account, you will not be entitled to the discount until you make a deposit.

Withdrawals will be processed according to the deposit form you used, from the most distant to the most recent. Only the winning number, greater than the amount you have deposited, may be removed by the process you have specified. 

Example: You are depositing USD 100 with Skrill. If you withdraw less than USD 100, the money will be moved to your Skrill Tk automatically. If you remove more than USD 100, USD 100 will go to Skrill, the remainder will go to Skrill or some other system of your choosing.