Hi-Lo Switch – One of the most popular casino games of all time

image 4 300x225 - Hi-Lo Switch - One of the most popular casino games of all time

Hi-Lo is a fairly popular game with several different providers

Many casino casinos use the company’s games to have the best player experience.


Hi-Lo Switch (short for High: high-low: low) is a game from the popular online casino game company SoftSwiss. This game is not new to someone who regularly joins an online casino. While it’s called a more lucky game, without a bit of computing, the chances of losing are going to be really high. 

It’s not as boring as many players believe. The pacing of the game would also focus entirely on the player involved. According to long-standing Hi-Lo Switch players, the winnings that this game offers us is the estimated amount.


As already mentioned, this is a simple game. Not only is it really eye-catching and transparent, it’s easy to play with. And you just need to choose the stake to start the game. During the game, players are still allowed to adjust the information they want in the game like music, extend the full screen function or pause and leave the lobby. With a very basic gui, whether you play directly on the web or on your tablet, the game is still running smoothly.

How to Play and Score 

It can be said that Hi-Low Turn is one of the easiest casino games at the moment. Each card has two symbols up (Hi) and down (Low). After making a bet, players basically have to guess whether the next card that emerges will be higher or lower than the card they have picked. 

If the winnings are selected correctly, they will be automatically allocated to the player according to the odds. It also ensures that you can avoid earning your winnings at any moment.

Unlike other card games, the Ace (A) is the lowest card weight. The remaining cards will be counted by the number of points on the card, and K will be the card with the highest score. 

The Hi-Lo payout ratio would also depend on the cost and valuation of the card. Participants should also remember that this is a game with no bonus features.