CIC Mentors

Entrepreneurs are given access to business and technical expertise by qualified mentors that have theoretical and practical experience in various industries as well as the business acumen to assist the entrepreneurs in identifying opportunities that will grow their enterprises and stimulate the economy.

Dr Bo Barta
Bo Barta is a registered engineer with a professional career spanning more than 45 years, working primarily on the water engineering and energy/water resources development and management projects scattered around the Southern Africa region. As a technical expert at the Climate Innovation Centre South Africa, he is mentoring the prospective entrepreneurs aspiring to advance with their innovations in the field of energy-water nexus to support innovative thinking in the entrepreneurs and innovators in order to develop cutting-edge technologies that improve climate change challenges in communities and create awareness.

Dr Charity N. Mbileni
Dr Charity Mbileni is the Managing Director at NM Envirotech Solutions (Pty) Ltd and prior to this, a Senior Manager at The Innovation Hub, responsible for Climate Innovation Centre South Africa programme and Green Projects which is one of the top 10 projects that were showcased by the Department of Environmental Affairs at COP-17 in Durban 2011.
She has managed various community projects focused on addressing poverty, unemployment, climate change and food insecurity including the Solar PV Rural Electrification and Moringa Oleifera projects amongst others. Before joining The Innovation Hub, she has worked at Camco as a Senior Consultant, Nedbank Capital as a Carbon Transactor and Sasol R&D as a Senior Scientist. Dr Mbileni holds a PhD: Chemistry (Wits) and is currently pursuing an MBA (EBS).

Mr Devesh Mothilall
Devesh Mothilall works for the City of Johannesburg’s Environment and Infrastructure Services Department where his specialties include Demand Side Management, Renewable Energy, Smart Grid and Energy Policy amongst other fields.
Devesh received a BSc (Hon.) - Electrical Engineering (UCT); MSc - Technology Management (UP) and a MSc - Mechanical Engineering (US). He is also a Certified Project Manager, a Certified Energy Manager and a member of the Association of Energy Engineers. His vision as a CIC South Africa mentor is to add value and help develop the innovation and skills within the Climate friendly technology sector and help take the ideas and develop sustainable commercial solutions. He would also like to assist in developing a climate friendly innovative network amongst the stakeholders of the CIC South Africa not only locally but in other centers throughout the continent.

Mr Fayaz Sacoor
With over 15 years’ of automotive experience and a BSc. (Hon) - Industrial Engineering (UP), Fayaz Sacoor is a well-suited mentor for our entrepreneurs in the automotive industry. He has extensive experience in lean manufacturing, automotive supplier development, strategy and business plan development and implementation. He has also been responsible for new business acquisition and project delivery of micro and macro infrastructure projects. As a technical expert for the Climate Innovation Centre, Fayaz is responsible for the support of entrepreneurs in the fields of technology development through to commercialisation, sustainability and process management.

Mr Gcobane Quvile
Gcobane Quvile is the Founder and Director of Ukukhanya Resources as well as a Strategy and Business Consultant focusing on rationalisation and streamlining of Research and Development and commercial activities. He is involved in the development of renewable energy projects, in particular small and mid-size biomass and waste to energy projects.
Gcobane has a BSc (Hon) - Engineering (UP); MSc - Mechanical Engineering (US); an MBA (UD); and an S.B. - Material Science Engineering (MIT). He has a passion for emerging entrepreneurship and Small and Medium Enterprises and his main goal is to guide the start-up companies overcome the rut of “emerging” to becoming fully-fledged businesses. The energy-water nexus presents infinite possibilities and opportunities for those who want to turn dreams and ideas into reality.

Dr Jeremy Gibbered
Dr. Jeremy Gibbered is a qualified scientist and architect with a MSc (UCL) and a PhD from the University of Pretoria, South Africa. His research interests include sustainable built environments, building performance and assess companies. He has acted in a wide range of roles in research, government, education, professional practice and consultancy for twenty years and has extensive knowledge and experience in planning and implementing sustainable, high performance, responsive architecture and systems. He believes in local innovative sustainable
technologies and in encouraging entrepreneurs to create, test and disseminate these to improve our future.

Ms. Kgaugelo Chiloane
Kgaugelo Chiloane is a Senior Environmental Advisor and Project Leader of Air Quality, Climate Change and Environmental Economics Research Projects at Eskom as well as the Managing Director of KEC Environmental Solutions (Pty) Ltd. She holds an MSc Environmental Science and a BSc (Hon) Chemistry (Wits); she’s currently completing a PhD Environmental Science (NWU). Her vision for the CIC South Africa entrepreneurs is to see them being assisted with funding to build their businesses that will reduce carbon emissions that contribute to climate
change, create jobs – thus contributing to economic growth.

Mr Richard Worthington
Richard is an independent expert on climate and energy issues focusing on policy, planning and the dynamics of a just transition to a low carbon economy. He was awarded a BA (Wits) and a BSc (Hon) Energy Studies (UJ). He currently serves on Technical Working Groups to guide implementation of Climate Change Policy, as a nominee of the South African Climate Action Network.
As a CIC mentor, his vision is to develop capacity and enthusiasm for the technologies and practices required for a just transition to a low carbon economy, including decentralised sustainable development and optimisation of resource efficiency; this includes addressing poverty and inequality through localisation and long term strategies for resilience and adaptation.

Mr Rob Short
Rob has been working in the sustainability field for over 20 years, advising private and public sector institutions on climate change, environmental and energy related issues. He has an M.Phil Environmental Science (UCT) and is registered as a Renewable Energy Professional with the Association of Energy Engineers.
As a CIC South Africa mentor, he says he is always impressed every time he meets with the entrepreneurs by the sacrifices they are making and the dedication they show in taking their businesses forward. What he tries to do when working with them is to be a supportive and honest advisor, helping to find solutions to any barriers they come across and keeping the business development process moving.

Dr Shenaz Moola
The University of the Witwatersrand has awarded Dr Shenaz Moola with various degrees such as a BSc (Hon) Genetics, MSc Biotechnology and a PhD Civil and Environmental Engineering.
Starting her career as a Process Engineer at Black & Veatch, she left full-time employment in the consulting engineering sector a few years later to spend time with a newly born child. This led into other avenues of work including starting an IT company to retail software and hardware and carry out software and website development.
Shenaz is keen to assist entrepreneurs to turn their dreams into reality by advising on business planning and modelling, technical aspects, resource requirements and marketing strategies, providing input to applications to access finance and connecting them to industry partners and support organisations to access facilities and research support to enable their ideas to gain traction and momentum.

Dr Murunwa Makwarela
Dr Murunwa Makwarela brings more than 20 years of experience in agriculture and environmental management. He is a Professional Natural Scientist (Pr.Sci.Nat) with the Council for Geosciences and prior to that the Chief Executive Officer of TAHAL SA, a multinational civil engineering company. He currently serves on various boards as a Director and Chairman and holds various qualifications including a PhD Genetic Engineering (Wits).
In his role as a mentor, Makwarela believes and hope that in the near future, the Climate Innovation Centre companys will graduate from pre-commercial to being full-scale commercial business. Making a profit is not a crime.